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"These guys won our first Redneck Idol competition. Songwriters, fantastic performers, and the hardest working band you'll meet this year."

 Michael Berry

Radio Talk Show Host & Founder of the Redneck Country Club

"This is really easy for me - I love everything about the band.  I love that they have a sound that is original and full of musical energy, but also has a classic feel to it as well.  The musicianship has always been spot on - everyone in that band knows exactly what they are doing. "

Dave Fougeron

Founder of Southern Star Brewery

"Listening to Caleb & The Homegrown Tomatoes is kind of like how you feel when a unicorn shoots laser beams into outer space to stop an alien invasion & simultaneously feeds all the poor people on Earth, except it's even more awesome than that."

Producer Kenny

Texas Talk Radio Personality