The Story So Far

“There’s only two things that money can’t buy, that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.”  – These fine words from the late great Guy Clark are what started it all…

Caleb & the Homegrown Tomatoes is the result of longtime friends from different projects and bands coming together to make a sound completely of their own.  A splendid blend of Southern Rock and Americana, with just enough hints of Texas and Alt Country to keep the sound as down home as possible.

The six piece band out of Cut n’ Shoot, Texas all come from different musical backgrounds- stretching from the blues, to the sweetest of classic rock and even a little jazz.  The Tomatoes have been hitting the road hard in 2016 and hope to continue doing so in years to come.

Caleb Hoelscher

Lead Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar

Songs are meant to be felt, not just to be written and sung. Caleb Hoelscher a Texan native with ties to the state dating back to the revolution, has just that branded into his head with every song he writes. Caleb has the strong sense of finding depth and creativity in all the writing sessions and Cowrites that he does. Being in bands and playing across Texas since the age of 16, Caleb has found a way to not only connect but live out something that means it all to him, which is Music and Songwriting. Writing for multiple Artist around the Houston area as well as fronting his own personal band Caleb & the Homegrown Tomatoes, Caleb stays busy with the ever growing Houston Music Scene. He is currently working with two other outstanding songwriters AP Stark and Chris Chimene at SkyCatcher Music Group, just east of Conroe.

Kacey Bullard

Lead Guitar

Raised on country and classic rock, Kacey has been obsessed with music since the beginning. He picked up guitar at 14 and began to play and learn everything he could on his own. After a year of volunteer playing for churches, he began playing professionally Now years later, the two types of music he was raised on have solidified and become his sound as a tomato

Stephen Holguin


Stephen Anthony Holguin from Albuquerque NM, has been playing drums for 13 years. He has been teaching and playing locally since 2011, and has had the drums covered for Caleb for about 2 years. He also loves nice long walks through the Wasteland with a plasma rifle and his Dogmeat. Book your music lessons today!

Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Bass Guitar

Born into a musical family, Sarah became a professional gigging musician by the age of 17. Studied in the playing styles of 60s British rock and roll, and funk fusion she brings a unique style of her own to the southern Americana sound of the Tomatoes.

Fred R McIntosh

Harmonica/ Whistler

The multi instrumental musician that plays with heart and conviction by a man who has played countless one-nighters with an amazing variety of players. Fred was raised in a blue-collar town where the Blues easily found its way into his life and soul. His style is influenced by the rockin' boogie Blues of the 30's, 40's, and 50's that he heard on the radio as a boy. Freddie Mack has been playing the Blues professionally in Pittsburgh since the early 80's, and has consistently entertained crowds with his red-hot live performances.